What if the bris falls on Shabbos or Yontiff?

If the 8th day falls on a Shabbos or Yontiff (Jewish holiday), if possible the bris should be on that day.  This is because a bris is so important, it supersedes the laws of not doing work on Shabbos or Yontiff. It is actually a special mitzvah to have a Shabbos or Yontiff bris. However, the mohel needs to be able to walk to the bris. If you do not live in walking distance of Dr. Katz, you can choose to have the bris at one of several synagogues in his walking distance (Hebrew Educational Alliance, Temple Sinai, Ahavas Yisroel). He has even hosted Shabbos brises at his home, if you would prefer.  

If your home is too far for him to walk to, it is permissible to postpone the bris until the next non-holiday day. There are also several instances where, according to Halacha (Jewish law), the bris cannot be on Shabbos or Yontiff. These include a Cesarean section delivery, a bris postponed past the 8th day for health reasons, and, according to some interpretations, a bris where the baby's father is not Jewish.

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