What if I have twins or other multiple births?

Double Mazel Tov!! Or even Triple Mazel Tov!!! Jewish law teaches us that, for multiple newborn boys, each gets his own separate bris ceremony. So, we go through the first boy's complete bris ceremony, from welcoming him into the room, to the circumcision, to giving him his Hebrew name and singing Simen Tov, then we start over again with the next child and do everything again.  Each boy gets his own blessings. Then we have one big party to celebrate both "britot" (plural for "brit").  Dr. Katz even knows of a situation where the first boy was born just before "schiya" (sunset), while the second was born after sundown. So, by Jewish law, the second son was born the day after the first one. That meant 2 britot on 2 successive days! And, 2 separate parties on 2 separate days (Oy Vay!) What a double-mitzvah!!

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