What about a bris done as part of a conversion to Judaism?

Bris is one of the requirements for a male who wishes to convert to Judaism. The bris needs to be performed "L'Shaim Gayroos" (in the name of conversion). All of the special additions mentioned regarding a bris for an adopted boy also apply to other converts (witnesses, a special Hebrew prayer of sanctification, and hatafas dam bris for one who has already been circumcised). See FAQ # 7. The bris would need to be followed by mikvah dipping and, for those over 13 years of age, "beis din", a series of questions regarding your knowledge of Jewish law and customs by a group of three judges. Conversion to Judaism needs to be supervised by a rabbi who will help you prepare, advise you, and determine when you are ready for the conversion process. Dr. Katz would participate as the mohel for your circumcision or hatafas dam bris.

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