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Dr. Katz's Certification

Dr. Katz trained in Jerusalem, under renowned master mohel, Yosef HaCohen Halperin.  This resulted in Halperin awarding Dr. Katz his “smicha” or “teudah”, his personal approval for Dr. Katz to serve as a certified mohel, able to perform bris milah anywhere in the world.  Dr. Katz is honored to receive such a distinction, as Halperin only certifies those who can perform milah with the same skill as he, himself, has.  Apprenticeship is the traditional way mohelim have been trained and certified for centuries.  It complements Dr. Katz’s medical degree as further evidence of his qualifications and commitment to perform the ancient rite of bris milah.

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Hebrew or English

Pictured above is the actual certificate presented to Dr. Katz 
by Yosef HaCohen Halperin, dated August 7, 2000, 
and a photo of Yosef Halperin with Dr. Katz.


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