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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some of the more commonly asked questions of Dr. Katz.  If your question is not addressed here or elsewhere in the web site, please send Dr. Katz your question.

  1.  Where should the bris be held?

  2.  What if the bris falls on Shabbos or Yontiff?

  3.  Will it hurt?

  4.  What time of day is best to do the bris?

  5.  What if I have twins or other multiple births?

  6.  What if I adopt a baby boy?

  7.  What about a bris done as part of a conversion to Judaism?

  8.  What is a Pidyon Haben ceremony? 

  9.  How does a girl get her Hebrew name?

10.  Should we have a Shalom Zachar?
     (What is a Shalom Zachar anyway?)

11.  What happens to the foreskin?

12.  How do I explain the bris to his older sibling(s)?


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