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The Bris Milah Ceremony Supplies

These are the supplies needed for the Bris Milah ceremony.  Please contact Karin at the Office if you have any questions.

1.   One freshly washed receiving blanket that is thin, flannel and light-weight

2.   Two disposable diapers and several diaper wipes

3.   Six large fresh tubes (not jars) of plain, non-creamy, non-scented Vaseline 
      or generic petroleum jelly (Try the First Aid section of Safeway, Walgreens,
      Rite-Aid, Walmart or Amazon.com or Drugstore.com)

4.   A bathroom size wastebasket with a plastic bag liner *

5.   Shabbos candlesticks, candles and matches (optional) *

6.   A sturdy table, about the size of a bridge table, with a white tablecloth *

7.   A lamp or other adequate lighting *

8.   A high back chair *

9.   A loaf of challah, a plate to put it on, and cover for it

10. An unopened bottle of Sweet Kosher Concord Grape Wine and a Kiddish cup
     (NOT Blackberry or Cherry) (room temperature) 

11. A bottle of Infant Tylenol Concentrated Drops 
     (Generic is fine.)  (Dose is 0.4ml every 4 hours starting AFTER bris if the 
     baby is fussy.)

* Starred items are not necessary if the bris is being performed in a synagogue or in Dr. Katz's home.


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